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Website Security is probably one of the most important aspects of owning a business website.
What is website security?

Website security is any measure taken to ensure website data is not exposed to cybercriminals or to prevent the exploitation of a website in any way.

Website security protects your website from:

DDoS attacks. Distributed Denial-of-Service attacks can slow your site down or crash it entirely, making it unnavailable to visitors.

Malware. Short for “malicious software,” malware is a very common threat, it can be used to steal sensitive customer data, distribute spam or allow cybercriminals to access your site to use it’s hosting resources for crypto mining or bulk emailing etc.

Blacklisting. Your site may be de-indexed from search engine results and flagged with a high profile warning that turns visitors away if search engines find malware.

Vulnerability exploits. Cybercriminals often access a site by exploiting weak areas in a site, like an outdated WordPress plugin or a database vulnerability.

Defacement. This kind of attack replaces your website’s content with a cybercriminal’s own malicious content.

Website Hyjack: This kind of attack allows the Cybercriminal to edit your site as if they owned it, often adding 100s of new product pages with their own products, they then verify themselves in Google Search Console and submit a new xml sitemap of their pages, this can often go completely unnoticed by the website owner.

Browser Hyjack: This kind of attack redirects your hard earned visitors to a different website belomging to the Cybercriminal.


Protect Against Vulnerabilites With Website Security Management


Website security goes much deeper than just the initial implementation. Once you have effective website security system in place, without on-going support it will likely become at risk again very soon as new vulnerabilities open up.

The key is to always remain one-step ahead of the potential risks by maximising the work of your website security setup. This can be achieved by using specalised security and monitoring software as well as periodic audits from our cyber security experts.

CompTIA Security+Check qualification

Setting up a website security management process to look after your website means you don’t have to worry about cyber threats and can go about your day to day operations knowing your website security is taken care of.


Peace of mind for £56.40 per month.

Pay for 1 year at £499 saving you £177.80

We take care of everything for you

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You Get: Installation of suitable security plugins, continuous security monitoring, monitor and keep all plugins, themes etc up to date to help keep the site secure, take regular monthly backups of the site, includes full site recovery should any hack occur.

  • Malware & Hack Scan every 12 hours
  • Malware Removal & Hack Cleanup
  • Brand Reputation & Blacklist Monitoring
  • Stop Hacks (Virtual Patching / Hardening)
  • Advanced DDoS Mitigation
  • Firewall – HTTPS & PCI Compliant


Please Note: This service requires full administrator access to CMS admin and FTP access.