Website Promotion, Search Engine Optimisation – What is it?

The Internet! There has never been a venue of this magnitude to reach so many potential customers in the history of mankind.

Currently, there are over 391 million people online throughout the world. This number is growing larger daily at an unprecedented rate. Internet studies now show that over 85% of the millions of people online use search engines on a daily basis when they’re surfing the Internet.

With this in mind, it is no mystery why search engine optimisation has become one of the hottest topics within Internet marketing. With millions of people online, the amount of daily search engine traffic is staggering, and profitable to those who take advantage of it. For an individual or company who is thinking of marketing their products or services, the Internet can be a virtually limitless gold mine of potential customers at a relatively very low acquisition cost.

SEO only £90 Per Month

However, to reach these customers you will need to position yourself on those same search engines that hundreds of millions of people are using daily looking for your services or products. When queried, a search engine will reveal all of the web sites it has in its database about a particular subject or product. If your website happens to fall into the requested search category, this is called your website ranking. However, usually only the first few (top 10) ranked websites get to reap the sweet fruit of profit and victory over their competition.

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Your website could be number 1 or number 2001 on a particular search engine for a particular search term or keyword. Some search engines will reveal hundreds of thousands of web pages on a search topic, but when a website is developed with search engine rankings in mind and the goal to appear in the first few results of certain search keywords, it is called search engine optimisation or (SEO).


The purpose of our search engine optimisation service is to aid anyone with the desire to use search engine optimisation to their benefit. Our aim is to produce top rankings for your keywords in the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, MSN and others. Our SEO service will endeavour to assist you with all the aspects of search engine optimisation for your website.

Our standalone Search Engine Optimisation package costs:

£90.00 per month, maintaining linking strategy, Directory submissions and fine adjustments.

No fixed term contract!

SEO only £90 Per Month


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