Google Adwords Management

It’s true that in theory, anyone with a little technical ability can set up a Google Adwords Campaign. Also, there are many marketing agencies out there who will do this for you for a reasonable fee. However, just setting up an ad campaign and aiming traffic at your homepage and setting your spending “budget” will not guarantee the campaigns effectiveness or even sales success!

We’ll do it all for you

With our Google Adwords Management, we can ensure that your ad budget is spent wisely on attracting quality visitors to your website from the right search phrases. We will manage your monthly budget, your ads and your ad campaigns and ensure that the traffic sent to your website goes the correct pages.

Google Ads Management - Pay - Per - Click

The Benefits of our Google Adwords Management:

  • Reduced budget waste
  • Eliminate irrelevant search phrases that use up budget but resulting in no enquiries/sales
  • Increase ad relevancy by creating extra landing pages relevant to phrases/groups
  • Increase conversions
  • Increased ROI

Our set up and periodic management of a Google Adwords Campaign would include the following:

  • Finding the best search phrases to target
  • Campaigns Set up with targeted Ad Groups and Phrases
  • Creationof Adverts
  • Landing Page Editing and Creation where necessary
  • Monitoring your Google Analytics for results/bounce rates etc
  • Inserting Conversion Tracking Code
  • Managing Negative Keywords
  • Consultancy

How much does it cost?

Projects needing approximately 2 hours per month to keep them in shape, monthly management fee is – £112.80

Projects needing approximately 3 hours per month to keep them in shape, monthly management fee is – £169.20

For budgets over £1000 pm there is an additional fee of 15% of monthly spend.

Want to give Google Adwords a try but don’t know where to start?

or do you have a current campaign but not happy with the results?

Contact us to discuss how our Google Adwords Management services can help your business.

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